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About Us


SUNNY SUNGLASSES is an eyewear importer and distributor based in Los Angeles, California.  In an industry that is in constant stylistic flux, we are known for bringing trends to the market.  We are the trusted sunglass supplier for many different types of businesses including wholesalers, general merchandisers, boutique retailers, online retailers, and large international chain stores. 


After starting out as a sunglass manufacturer in Taiwan in the mid-1970s, SUNNY SUNGLASSES eventually took root in LA and grew into a large eyewear import and distribution business.  In the 40+ years of being in the industry, we are proud to say we have seen it all!


We believe that in order to grow our business, we must do it one relationship at a time.  This philosophy begins with fostering real friendships within the company, and continues outward to all people with whom we interact.  We find the most satisfaction when we can share in the successes of our customers.